"What does Pu`uhonua mean?/How is it pronounced?"
- Pu`uhonua means "refuge" in Hawai`ian. It is pronounced POO-oo-ho-NOO-uh.

"Where do you live?"
- I live in sunny/hot/earthquake-y Los Angeles.

"Where did you and Evan meet?"
- Ev and I met in college through a mutual friend. We didn't start dating until after graduation and have been together since '05.

"Are you a vegetarian/vegan?"
- I tried for a long time to fit into certain dietary categories and it just hasn't worked! I just eat as ethically as I can and I acknowledge that my ethics vary from other people. I do not eat pork, beef, or chicken. I do eat fish and other seafood. I do eat eggs and dairy on occasion, though I am lactose intolerant. If you had to put a label on me, I suppose I am a lacto-ovo-pescatarian, but I'd prefer to have no label at all!
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