Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Long beans, long day

I finally felt comfortable waking up at 5:50am this morning! Normally I am very crabby that early, but being very strict about bedtime makes it much easier.

While Ev showered, I whipped us up something to eat.
Behold the poorly photographed breakfast! Honeydew, cardamom yogurt, coffee, and a scramble with potato, zucchini, egg, and cilantro.

After seeing him off, I pulled on some workout clothes and went for a 45minute brisk walk around the neighborhood. With the ipod bumping and the sun peeking through the clouds, it turned out to be a very beautiful morning.

After rinsing off, I rolled some curlers in my hair and went to work. I always take them out right before I go in so the curl lasts longer. Work was work, nothing exciting to report.

I was ravenous all day long and consumed a plum, a pear, half a lemon poppy muffin, and ate my lunch in little bits throughout the day.
It consisted of romaine salad, 1 red bell pepper, and a large bunch of minced cilantro (caesar dressing was added post-photo). On the side were two carrots, and that foil pack is a tamale! Salsa verde is hiding beneath the carrots.

When I got home I was starving again, so I opted for a teeny Trader Joe's Raspberry and Cream bar. These bars are so small they don't even have a stick! Perfect for a quick sweet fix.
Ev wanted to go for a bike ride later so I sliced up two pieces of carby fuel. This is the tomato-basil loaf from Panera. It has a very slight pinkish color when you cut into it and the aroma is akin to tomato soup. Sadly, on the palate it is not very tomato-y or basil-y.
 After a short bike ride it was my turn to cook dinner. I happened to grab a bunch of these Chinese long green beans on our last trip. Have you ever seen beans so loooooooong??
 I love their texture, they are less crisp than regular green beans but taste just as good. Served up with 5 cloves worth of minced garlic, they stole the dinner show from the broccoli fried rice.
Garlicky, salty, filling, green. YUM! I had to run a few errands after dinner tonight (I HATE pumping gas and always put it off to the last minute) and made sure that Menchie's was included.
The left side is Dulce de Leche with roasted almonds, and the right side is Sour Cherry with mochi balls. The perfect end to a long day!

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