Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love Thursdays...

I really do! You can almost smell the weekend in the air. Thursdays are even better when it's date night and you've got a Groupon to a new restaurant!

A& J Hot Point Hot Pot is the Chinese version of shabu-shabu.

(Please excuse that HUGE blob of dust on my lens, I didn't even know it was there.)

The waiter was so nice in explaining the 6 different broth offerings and we opted for the 2 broth choice: medium spicy Korean and Japanese curry.

There were so many spices I didn't recognize in the Korean broth but saw that the Japanese broth was chock full of whole garlic cloves, bay leaves, and thick slices of ginger. We ordered some taro, fresh shrimp, tofu, lotus root, napa cabbage, and flounder fillets on our personal tally sheet. Mushrooms, beef, bok choy, and fresh chinese noodles came later.

It was wonderful! But, I made the mistake of not recognizing the red color in the Korean broth as full strength chili oil. Ouch!
We managed to survive, but my stomach needed to be cooled down. Off to Menchie's for some froyo we went.

I always go for roasted almonds. Simple and sweet! A bit of cookies and cream may have made it into my cup too.

Now Evan's off for drinks at a friends house and I get some alone time. My agenda includes The Office, yoga, a very hot shower, and some good sleep. Happy Thursday!

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