Saturday, August 6, 2011


All day long I couldn't stop thinking about my SCOBY!

Let me just say that I am NOT a Kombucha person. However, my only experiences with it have involved $6, Whole Foods, and a kitchen sink. 
Averie does such a great job and inspired me to brew my own.

There were half a dozen people on Craigslist offering free SCOBYs and with some help from The Happy Herbalist, my first batch has been doing its thing for about 6 days.

Evan was brave and taste-tested with me. We both decided that it was perfectly acceptable and very much unlike the bottle of vinegar WF likes to tout. I am looking forward to bottling it and doing a secondary ferment with some flavorings to get some more fizzy action going on.

After checking on the SCOBY, I nabbed a quick bite of persian cucumber and some more peanut sauce. *swoon*

Then errands to pick up supplies for tomorrow's trip!

I forgot my camera when we left so no dinner pics, but we ended up dining outside at Panera and finishing the night off with some delicious hazelnut coffee!

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