Saturday, August 6, 2011

Teach a man to fish

... and he will eat for a lifetime. Although, if you go fishing with me, you may end up hungry anyway!

Mystery trip revealed: fishing. I LOVE FISHING!

The trip started out with only 2 quick dashes back home; once for the camping chairs left in Evan's car, and again for the bait and fishing license. Then, lattes in hand, we headed out to Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area.

SFDRA is an amazing park conveniently located adjacent to the Miller Brewery in Irwindale. To most people, it's the site of the annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire in SoCal. Once I learned that they rent kayaks and stock parts of the lake with trout and other fish, it quickly became one of my favorite places.

Casting takes practice, but luckily no one was around to see us fail.

To avoid having to skewer live bait, we took the advice from Sports Chalet and went with garlic-infused fake bait.

4 hours of brutal sun and 0 fish later, we headed home. But my sadness at not catching anything was satiated with the arrival of many friends and lots of swimming in our salt water pool.

Vince is probably the most dashing Chinese Australian I know. :)

Now that Fred's back in town, we get to see him, his wife Tomoko, and his wee one a whole lot more.  

I dare you to try and find a cuter 1-year-old. I DARE YOU!

Carol and I took turns swimming with him in the pool. He is really good at kicking his legs and laughing up a storm!

Now I've got to run and help Evan dress some pizza for our Feature Presentation: Waterworld. That's right, we're showing Waterworld, in all of Costner's web-footed glory.

And what pool/pizza/movie party would be complete without a devotion. You have to love the little things.

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