Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yes to the dress

I did not want to wake up today! After intense sun, fishing, swimming, and the party last night, all I wanted to do was hang around the house and watch old The Office episodes on Netflix. But I had a wedding gown appointment at noon, so I had to get off my duff and get cracking on the day.

Speaking of cracking, I did that to some eggs and added feta, nutmeg, garlic, almond milk, and fresh garden basil to improvise a crustless quiche/frittata for breakfast.

I also wanted some of those crusty herbed skillet potatoes that so many awesome little diners serve. Salt-free Mrs. Dash is a great way to get all those herbs in one place and be able to control your own sodium content.

It ended up being delish, but the quichettata was way too salty for my taste. The feta was completely overwhelming. This was the plate I made for Evan and I only ate about 1/2 that portion size.

I would have liked to indulge in a bigger breakfast, but I had to make a noon appointment to try on wedding dresses! My friend Bryce, who is doing my hair/makeup and is one of the most amazing stylists ever, spearheaded the appointment and helped critique.

3 hours later I found the *perfect* dress, but it was a size or two too big so I have clips all the way up my back. I caved and showed Evan the picture because by the time our wedding rolls around next June everything will look different and I was just so excited to find it.

Later that night, Warren made a surprise appearance in LA and we all went out for dinner. He's actually one of the first people I ever met in California, so we've been friends for a very long time! It was a sad day in LA when he moved away to San Fran, but it's a mild 4-5 hour drive in between the two cities so he's close at hand.

Dinner was awesome! I ordered the korokke kare, aka "croquette curry", extra spicy. Each korokke was a different variety, with potato and corn being my favorite. I ate 1.5 korokke, half the curry sauce, and about half of the rice (white rice is my weakness). Deeeeelish!

Check out that hamburg! I loved the decor too, the ceiling paintings were wonderful.

I absolutely need to get to bed on time tonight, Monday mornings are even harder when I stay up late. Night!

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