Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Running relief

A lot of stuff going on at work so I don't have too much to blog about. I had a bit of a frustrating day, so I pounded it out on the pavement for almost 4.5 miles.

I returned home emotionally better but definitely sweaty and exhausted. Followed up by some post-run yoga, the day turned out alright.

Evan and his teacher friend Alan were lesson planning at a coffee shop this evening so I was left on my own to find some dinner. I went to one of my go-to meals: miso soup.

Awase miso (a mixture of aka & shiro) with shredded raw spinach, crumbled firm tofu, and chopped green onions. Totally comfort food.

I've got a short camping vacation coming up and I just can't wait. But, I have to get through the rest of the week first!

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