Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was dreading posting today. Not because I don't want to, but because it involves explaining my complete and utter fail.

The only thing worse than being late to my Hot Stone Massage class was missing it entirely. Yeah, I missed the whole freaking class. By 1 day.

After posting last night, I checked my email to see what I needed for class and saw a message from my friend Brian (a fellow 250 classmate who had also signed up for the class). The subject was: "Missed you today!". 

My stomach ended up in my feet. I checked school's website and the email reminder they sent out. Somehow I had convinced myself that class was today (Sunday). I was so wrong.

I spent hours crying.

I have been looking forward to this class for such a long time and it was a much needed mental and physical break from my regular 40hr a week desk job.

It was going to rejuvenate me, enlighten me, and give me a specialty in the massage therapist game.

And I missed it. By. One. Day. And since I no-showed (not on purpose!!!), I am not eligible to receive a refund or credit. What a great $200+ mistake. I am an idiot. I left a tearful message on the answering machine just to check and see if I still get my stones.

I can at least hang onto them till the next time this class rolls around. Crossed fingers that I will at least get something out of this mess!

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