Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweaty Saturday

The thermometer may have said 98 degrees, but it felt a LOT hotter than that today! While yesterday started out humid and cloudy, today boasted a few lovely clouds just over the foothills with miles of blue sky in between. This allowed the sun to beat down mercilessly on Los Angeles.

First order of business: unsweetened iced soy latte.

Then it was off to Great Harvest in South Pasadena. 

Not only is Great Harvest next door to my new yoga studio, I have heard so much about it on Kath's blog. She and her hubby are new GH owners! Naturally, I had to check it out.

It was more lunchtime than breakfast time, so Ev and I both ordered grilled cheese and garlic herb sandwiches. He opted for sourdough bread and I got Dakota.

Kath's raves about the Dakota bread were spot on. Sooooo chewy and hearty, with pumpkin seeds on top!

Iced tea on the side.

 We were joined by a special visitor! Luckily he was on the other side of the glass.

I tried to sneak a peek at their industrial bread mixer (the dough hook is longer than my leg!) and also found this listed above one of the doorways:

Totally awesome. Speaking of new yoga studio, I managed to grab a few quick shots as we were leaving.

I just started taking classes there. They offer Anusara style hatha yoga classes and a few pilates classes as well. Anusara is a new style to me and so far I am loving its heart-centered approach.

Mission street is lined with Ginkgo trees just begging to have their picture taken.  Their unusual shape is somehow so organic and comforting. I even have a Ginkgo leaf ring in homage!

After lunch we ran some errands. It was VERY hot out. Thank goodness we both have newish cars with good AC.

First up was to get a replacement for my shattered UV filter. Then we ran to OSH for a front porch hose, new gate latch, and hinges for the squirrel feeder I am going to try to build.

I managed to install the new gate latch (with a bit of help from Evan), swept up the porch, and organized it a bit before Carol and Ben came over. After a quick dip in the pool to cool off, we went to Hahamongna Park for some disc golf.

Action shots!

Carol's putt was SO CLOSE! The orange cones really help you pick out the goals in the brown/green brush scheme. 

The only hole we skipped was the one where you have to chuck your disc over part of the lake. That's a sure fire way to lose a disc if you're as bad at driving as I am!

I think I'll save a disc and just enjoy the beauty of the lake instead.

Hahamongna is an amazing place, a park made in the watershed area of a long dried-up river bed. It's located right next to JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), snug up against the Foothills.

There are baseball diamonds, 2 disc golf courses, a soccer field, hiking, grill, and hangout areas available for use year round. Summer camps and scouts meet there, the Police Dept runs scenarios in the park, and there are even LARPers on occasion.

Hot and tired, we decided on Panera for a light dinner. I got the "Pick Two" with a cup of vegetarian creamy tomato soup and half a tuna sandwich.

It's still a bit too hot to work out on the porch even though the sun has already set. Time for a nice cool shower.

Today was my only real 'weekend day' since I will be in school all day tomorrow. I can't complain too much though because I will see 2 of my 250 MT classmates and my old teacher for an 8 hour Hot Stone Massage course! My clients are going to love this.

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, I will be completely s-t-o-n-e-d!

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