Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy Bee

I have been so very busy today! I was wide awake this morning at 5:50am and ready for the day. After Evan left, I gobbled down a pre-workout snack.

Two lightly toasted Kings Hawai`ian sweet rolls with Earth Balance.

Then I hopped on my treadmill and alternated running/walking for about 45 minutes while watching an episode of Medium. I'm re-watching the entire series on Netflix, it's one of my favorite shows! I am completely in love with her husband and kids, and of course the freaky crime solving paranormal aspect is right up my alley.

Post-workout I had two things on my agenda:

1) soy latte

2) finish reading The Host

The latter didn't happen... I opted to catch up on my Google Reader instead. See where my loyalties lie?

Then I chopped a bunch of veggies for lunch: cauliflower, cucumber, and red bell pepper. I whipped up a small side batch of dip to jazz things up a bit. It's just a few tbsp of Veganaise and soy sauce mixed together. Delish!

I also had some un-photographed tuna and crackers throughout the day for extra sustenance. I had to work 45 minutes late today due to multiple meetings, so as soon as I got home we had to run off to get groceries.

My main culinary goal for the fall is to incorporate more squash into my diet. Aside from zucchini and the occasional acorn, squash continues to elude my culinary prowess. I know for a fact that I am not a pumpkin fan (gasp!), but there are so many other types of squash out there to discover. I am bound to find one I like... right??

I started off easy with Spaghetti squash. I followed Emily's recipe and roasted it for about an hour with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and shallots rubbed all over. I gave Ev the job of forking out all the roasted insides which he was a bit too eager to do.

I didn't want to fuss with the sauce, so I popped open a jar of Trader Joe's marinara. A side of sauteed rainbow chard completed the meal.


Survey says: I liked it! Although, I think I undercooked the squash because it was a teeeeeny bit crunchy.  I think I need more salt/pepper next time and some fresh basil for the sauce.

While we were eating I had another project in progress:

But you won't get the recipe till tomorrow!

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