Monday, September 26, 2011

Prolonging the inevitable

I am trying soooooooooo hard to prolong finishing the book I'm reading! I am really enjoying it and I hate when books come to an end. You go through so much with the characters, sympathizing, agonizing, loving, hating, and then it just ends. *sigh*


Soy latte and chia seed oats. I don't pick favorites between Ball and Kerr jars, I love them equally!

Lunch was a bunch of sushi that escaped the camera. It was a very small break in an otherwise completely boring day. Normally work isn't that boring, but our computer systems were being upgraded and we couldn't access anything from 9am-3pm. So, we spent the day cleaning and organizing the office, doing what other non-electronic work whenever we could.

As soon as I got home, I knew I needed to move! I got turned onto Body Rock by Gina (aka The Fitnessista) and I am hooked!

I don't have all the equipment that Zuzana has, but I improvise as best I can. Today's workout "Caught Stripping Fat Workout" (sounds naughty eh?) kicked my bootie. Interval training is so very difficult for me.

After that I blasted 22 minutes off on my new manual treadmill while catching a cartoon. I LOVE being able to workout as I am watching my stories (i.e. cartoons).

Ev went out for takeout while I got nice and sweaty.

Panda Express = salty/sweet knock-off chinese food... and in a pinch it's very satisfying. Half chow mein/half steamed veggies with eggplant tofu and brocolli. I ate all the veggies and tofu, left half the noodles. Lots of water on the side to wash it all down.

I dabbled with that frozen banana softserve that everyone seems to love... frozen banana + add-ons + food processor/blender. I added some PB as my first flavor. It was meh, not very impressing. I will dabble a bit more with that later.

Gotta stretch out the IT bands before bed and finish my book. (Do I have to???)

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