Monday, September 12, 2011


Do you ever have recurring dreams? It's something that happens to me all the time. Sometimes I can even finish my dreams if I accidentally wake up in the middle of them.

I awoke around 5am with a splitting headache this morning. Normally I convince myself that if I just lie still it will work itself out and I will go back to sleep. Then after around an hour of tossing and turning, I will finally get up and do something about it.

Not this time though, I actually got up right away and grabbed 3 advil, an ice pack, and a big glass of water. I'm pretty sure I was back asleep within 5 minutes. However, I was too tired to wake up with Evan, so he had to get breakfast on his own.

I should have woken up with him though, because when I went back to sleep I had the SCARIEST dream ever!!! It also happened to be a recurring dream, but I got a lot farther into it then normal. I woke up in a panicked daze.

Luckily cardamom spiced yogurt and honeydew melon slices brought me back to the real world. Paired with a latte, I was almost normal when I went to work.

It was a long day of meetings and calls, but it went smoothly overall! Somewhere during the middle of the day I enjoyed a small lunch, an afternoon plum, and more coffee.

This evening we took a looooooooong walk when I got home and Evan treated me by making dinner while I got into a hot bath. The smell coming from the kitchen was intoxicating.
I was delighted by a pile of wonderfully un-photogenic stroganoff with lemon kale. Since I'm trying to cut back on wheat, we went for rice as the starch. I really wanted brown rice for this, but we seem to be out so I had to make due with the far less nutritional white version. :(

I already had a forkful before the camera came out, something about long walks and hot baths makes me ravenous.

I'm trying to wake up with Evan and catch up on posts in the mornings before work. When I become a teacher I will need to be on this schedule so it makes sense to start trying it now. I am such a bear in the mornings though!!!

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