Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Vince!

Vince has the perfect house for surprise birthday shenanigans. With 2 easy access pathways to his backyard, I knew I had to arrange a sneaky birthday bash.

Everyone assembled down the street and around the corner, while Evan distracted him (conveniently) by checking out a bike in his basement he was going to buy. Then we went into stealth mode and hid in the backyard.

Hehe. We got him good. I believe the first sentence out of his mouth had a few expletives in it.

Nick, Vince's brother, also pulled together an amazing spread for grilling: corn, peppers, chicken, chips, etc. A pack of 30 Tecate (1 for every year of Vince's life) came in handy as well.

And Vince's frosting test had a special pose to it:


We kept the neighbors up for a bit, shot off a few guns, and knocked back a few drinks in his honor. You know, just your usual Thursday night in Eagle Rock!

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