Monday, September 5, 2011

A day of labor

Some may say it's sad, but I actually spent my Labor Day laboring! Evan needed help getting his classroom organized and decorated, so we trekked into school while everyone else was (I'm sure) sleeping in.

Most of the space will be taken up by the kid's work once the year gets rolling. Before:
 Evan really loves having books available for the kids. I organized as many as I could so they're easy to grab on a whim.
 Fun fact: Evan is obsessed with the Periodic Table!!!
 It turned out to be a beautiful day! And if he ever forgets what city he's in, all you have to do is take a gander at the famous hillside Hollywood sign. (Did you know it actually used to say Hollywoodland???)

 Downtown is really close too! After all that taping, stapling, arranging, organizing, etc... I really needed sustenance. Time for a treat!
 KODA sushi has the best happy hour ever!!! $4 sushi sounds like a bad idea, but at this hip little joint of Sunset, it's the most wonderful thing ever.
 To quench. Then to gobble:

We chose to start with some mushroom poppers, then moved on to salmon avocado roll, philly roll, spicy tuna, and good 'old Cali roll. I, of course, had an entire bowl of sliced ginger on the side.

This is Evan's last week of freedom before school starts, we're going to go enjoy the rest of the holiday!

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