Saturday, October 1, 2011


I had a little accident today and now I have both hands in bandages and a left forearm bandaged as well. It involved this little guy...

(He's such an angel when he's asleep.) ... and a neighbor's cat and my arms/hands. I won't post any pictures or go into too much detail, but needless to say I have multiple scratches and a very deep fang puncture mark in my left palm. 

When tears and expletives were worn out and Evan lovingly bandaged my boo-boos, I knew I needed a drink. Tonic and lime, my go-to mocktail.

Heavy on the lime and ice. I have a feeling I'll be drinking a few more of these today!
But, before all the madness, I managed to have a long day of errands:
- Ikea
- Amoeba Music (got to Hawai`ian CD's)
- Glendale Library
- Goodwill

And an excellent meal with Evan at Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant on the west side.

We both got the vegetarian combo, which is a great mixture of lentils, tomato/pepper salad, collard greens, cabbage 'n' carrots, and some other lentil gravy which I can't place.

It's served on top of, and with a side of, injera. I could sit and eat this porous fermented teff bread all the live long day. It is also your utensil at this authentic restaurant, so you'd better have a lot of it!


The perfect bite of spicy lentil gravy. Although, I have to admit that my favorite is the collard greens. How they get them to remain so tender and juicy while still maintaining the deep green is beyond me.

Since my injuries took me out of comission for a lot of other activities, I think I'll just settle in and oil up my new cutting board!

I abandoned my fan brush about 30 seconds into the project. I had no idea the wood was going to be that porous and ended up just pouring and rubbing the oil in by hand. It's now a lovely rich golden brown and ready to go under the knife!

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