Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fallen Fruit

My posts will have to be short for a while until my hand heals. I currently still have my left hand and forearm wrapped and it makes typing (and doing everything else) more difficult!

I didn't realize how many things we use our thumbs for, I am definitely missing the full use of my left one.

I woke up early and hungry this morning, so Ev and I went out for breakfast. Not only did I want french toast, but I also wanted eggs so we compromised at Shakers.

I ordered the California style omelette and he got the french toast, halfway through we switched!

Since I was still exhausted, we took the afternoon easy. I managed to take a nap while Ev prepped work for the week. I woke up with an insane craving for fresh juice.

Carrot, apples, and celery. It ended up being awfully sweet due to all the apples, but I managed to guzzle it down in 3 seconds flat.

After that we followed some Fallen Fruit maps and picked a handful or two of local public fruit. What a neat idea! Fallen Fruit takes user submitted maps in various cities and plots out areas with public and private overhanging fruit that's easily accessible.

We got some green figs, lemons, guava, and a mystery fruit I have yet to research. Most of the trees were either finished fruiting or just starting to produce. I'll be excited to go back when there's more ripe pickings.

I was dreading replacing my bandages tonight and had to cut the gauze off a few places that it was stuck to. Luckily the little leftover gauze pieces came off in the shower, but ouch!

Another helping of Hearty Vegetable Soup for dinner! Now that I'm all re-bandaged and comfy it's time to watch the rest of Howl's Moving Castle before bed. 'Night!

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