Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Night on the town

Old Town Pasadena that is... 

I was in no mood to cook tonight so I was very glad that Evan was down with my plan to eat out.

We biked up to Old Town and settled on a new place: Pita Jungle. Their menu touted a wide array of vegetarian food at great prices, along with a nice happy hour.

We were sweaty from the ride so I had to start with a nice iced tea, unsweetened kiwi-strawberry flavor. So refreshing!

The ice cubes in the candlelight were so cool I had to go for some artsy shots.

I decided to go for the portabella mushroom burger: marinated portabella mushroom, roasted red peppers, dijon, lettuce, red onion, and lettuce with potatoes and pickles on the side.
Ev opted for the black bean burger with blue corn chips and pico de gallo.

After dinner we went window shopping. Old Town is getting some great new stores, like Sephora!

I am loving that outfit from The Gap! The pleather jacket really makes it for me. Too bad I'm not into skinny pants, but they look great on the mannequin!

I did some actual shopping too at Forever 21 and nabbed 3 new sports bras for around $10 each.

Eep! Late for bed and I am sleepy sleepy!

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