Saturday, August 20, 2011


What a birthday night! After work we made our way to Moonlight Roller Rink for a roller skating party and not only was it amazingly fun, I got a great workout as well.

Moonlight is a great old-fashioned rink with disco lights, great DJ's, and a cute retro feel.
Ev brought a few small cakes to share, but since Moonlight doesn't allow outside food, we just had to take the party to another venue.

My other love is signing, so naturally it made sense to go to our favorite karaoke dive bar. 

They had just finished a live band show so we got first dibs on karaoke. Birthday cake and karaoke are a great combination!

Today is just going to be a rest day. Time to get the house cleaned up and put away all our camping gear that's been sitting around since Wed. Off to snag some Saturday coffee!

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